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A nonprofit that provides disaster relief and humanitarian aid has a new store and headquarters.

Hatching Hope has opened its thrift studio in 4,500 square feet at 2758 Pelham Parkway in Pelham. The storefront, which is next to Mike’s Merchandise and Cozumel Grill, carries items that can help residents displaced by fire or other disasters.

The nonprofit, which was founded in 2016 by Keli Lynch-Wright and her son, Ashton Wright, was most recently located at 72 Fulton Springs Road in Alabaster. Hatching Hope’s Jessica Siniard said thanks to community support, the nonprofit quickly outgrew that 900-square-foot space and will use the new location to boost fundraising efforts.

“We opened this location to put ourselves in front of the community to bring more awareness of our work,” she said. “The timing is so important right now, not only because we completely outgrew the 900-square-foot space within a year of moving in, but when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, we really had to rethink our thrift operation and how we bring in customers. We had to rely on social media and curbside sales, and through this change we exploded and gained so many new customers and donors.”

One employee will manage the store, which has items from small and large businesses, personal donations, estate sales and more. Proceeds from sales go to purchase supplies to provide First Night Survival Kits, Pet Kits and Kids Kits for families who have been displaced from their apartment homes due to fire or other disasters. Funds will also go toward community awareness programs.

“With the larger space we will be able to carry and bring in more donations, as well as have a small space in the back to process donations,” Siniard said.