Our Story

Hatching Hope was Co-Founded by Keli Lynch-Wright and her son, Ashton Wright, to support residents that have been displaced from their apartment homes due to fire or other disasters. Now 501 (c)(3) disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization,  Hatching Hope has worked hard to assist victims of disaster in the apartment industry, by spreading the word and delivering donations to those affected. So many lives have been touched by the community rallying together to make a difference to those in need. It is amazing how giving these folks one less thing to worry about, can give them hope and strength to forge on and get through tough times! After several years of supporting disaster recovery efforts, the we experienced a house fire of our own and lost everything we had. Ashton was 5 years old at the time, such a small little soul. Those first few nights were rough, and I would hold him and sing to him “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley… “Don’t worry about a thing… Cause every little thing is gonna be alright.” To this day, this song brings us both so much happiness and hope in days that can be challenging.

Hatching Hope really come to life after an apartment community had a massive fire causing many people to be displaced over Thanksgiving. We quickly gathered some small Christmas Trees, supplies, toiletries, baked goods, and other items that we knew would cheer up the families and children involved. We went to visit everyone on Thanksgiving Day. When we arrived the clubhouse was filled with people camping out on the floor with nothing but the clothes on their backs. The staff at the property hosted a huge Thanksgiving meal and everyone was leaning on each other for hope and courage to move on. I knew that day was going to be the last day that I let pass without getting to work on Hatching Hope and doing something about it! Although we found that we were doing great things, there was a much greater immediate need in the way of somewhere to sleep and general toiletries. Ashton and I returned home and immediately went online and purchased 56 air mattresses!

Often times displaced residents are placed into a vacant apartment home or even in the clubhouse until a plan is devised for the next steps. Hatching Hope will be provides air mattresses, comfy bedding, and much needed supplies for that first few nights following a disaster. We also understand that this is very difficult for children as they try to understand disaster and recovery. In order to provide them will a little comfort, we give Hatching Hope Teddy Bears and a Children’s Activity Kit. Each and every dollar will be used to build awesome Disaster Recovery kits for these victims. You can sponsor a Disaster Recovery kit for someone for $50! This will provide a victim with an air mattress, comfy bedding, and much needed toiletries. There is no greater feeling than that of helping others. Join us in this effort to make a difference in the lives of those who have lost so much! As always, we graciously accept your gift of time, so feel free to email us at hatchinghope@gmail.com to see how you can help today!

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